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[TUTORIAL] Character Skins G2 to G3 Via Skinsuit
This technique also works with things like Jepe's Jewels and Tears (don't do the culling method suggested in "Refinements" if you want to use a transmapped product).  It's a kludgy workaround, but it's free.  I may do a video or I may not.  I've been ill and my voice is still not at 100% yet.  If I do I'll link it here.
This should also work in the reverse direction if you have purchased G3 clones for G2.  If you want a V4M4 skin on G3 I recommend you apply that skin to Genesis 2 and use it for this process; the shapes are too different for even clones to work very well.
Here's a proof of concept showing Elite V4 Arianna on RawArt3d's Massive for Genesis 3 Male.

You need:
Genesis 2 Male or Female.  G3 already has clones for both of these natively.  Use the male for the male and the female for the female because their shapes are closest.  If you want to get a female skin onto the
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[Tutorial] Transferring Character Morphs G1G2G3G8
The first version of this workflow came from Kattey on the DAZ forum, for which I acknowledge credit. 
Here is that (lengthy) thread:
Here's another thread with a method that might be better on eye distortion, I haven't tried yet:
Here's what I've been doing myself. 
First of all, however: there are two ways to recreate a character.  There is the easy way, which is not redistributable, and the hard way, which is.  We'll discuss the easy way first.  I'm sorry, but I can't do anything for those of you who absolutely can't learn from text.  This is what I have time for right now.
Load Genesis 1.  Dial in your character morph.  There cannot be anything in the scene except the single figure while we do this.  No hair, no clothes, no props.  Or if they are there, you must hide them by c
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[Tutorial] Convert Clothing G3 to G8, G8 to G3
This will only work between these two figures, possibly between their male counterparts in the future if there is a G8 Male.  It will not work between any previous figures, or between these and previous figures.
Here's the YouTube video.

For this tutorial you need:

Genesis 3 Female from
Genesis 8 Female from
An item of clothing for one of them that you want to convert to the other one.
Here's a Genesis 3 Pose for Genesis 8, to save time. You can also make your own.
Scene Tab and Parameters Tab in Daz Studio 4.9.  If you
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Sculptris Alpha 6 Mega Pack Brushes by Strigoi-vii Sculptris Alpha 6 Mega Pack Brushes :iconstrigoi-vii:Strigoi-vii 366 175 Daz Iray Emission Temperatures by FollyFool Daz Iray Emission Temperatures :iconfollyfool:FollyFool 38 10 Akasha by FrozenStarRo Akasha :iconfrozenstarro:FrozenStarRo 1,627 312
[Tutorial] Creating Dust And Atmosphere in Iray
A video version is here.
I learned this method from jag11 on the DAZ3D forums, who is thanked for permission to use it in this tutorial!
In 3Delight there's no way to create atmosphere or godrays (the rays that are visible when light passes through dust or particles).  There are products to facilitate (one of them mine), but most are either not the easiest to use or ultimately just a faking of a feature the engine lacks.  Many artists use postwork instead.
DAZ Studio 4.8 Beta's new Iray engine also lacks a native mechanism for creating atmospheric volumes - but it can be easily convinced to produce them!  They will come from your lights and react to objects in your scene.  I did a test image of Jack Tomalin's Chapter House Iray scene (free to Plat Club members
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DAZ Studio 4.9 Shortcuts by PeggyWalters DAZ Studio 4.9 Shortcuts :iconpeggywalters:PeggyWalters 14 13 Illustrator Shortcuts by PeggyWalters Illustrator Shortcuts :iconpeggywalters:PeggyWalters 4 3 Photoshop Shortcuts by PeggyWalters Photoshop Shortcuts :iconpeggywalters:PeggyWalters 6 8 Imperius, archangel of Valor by TamplierPainter Imperius, archangel of Valor :icontamplierpainter:TamplierPainter 5,248 250 White Priestess by TamplierPainter White Priestess :icontamplierpainter:TamplierPainter 7,597 243 Maiev ShadowSong by TamplierPainter Maiev ShadowSong :icontamplierpainter:TamplierPainter 4,983 225 Furbrushes by kathrynloch Furbrushes :iconkathrynloch:kathrynloch 11 6 Mandala - Mermaids by Dracorn Mandala - Mermaids :icondracorn:Dracorn 8 4 Diesel by Knittingmommy
Mature content
Diesel :iconknittingmommy:Knittingmommy 8 14



Keri for G8/V8
Couldn't resist doing a quick test render of DarwinsMishap's lovely Keri for G8 and V8, just released at DAZ. No makeup or tattoos here, just her defaults. She's athletically beautiful. Love her muscles and skin. Cannot wait to do more action and fantasy renders with her. I'm so excited to see so many stunning characters coming out for the newest generation of figures. 

Other items used: 
Eternal Outfit for G3F (from the Girl 7 Pro Bundle at DAZ)
Dragonfly Hair for V4, G2F, G3F (DAZ)
Sveva's Lumiere Portrait Pro Lights (Rendo)
V8 Djinn
Some genies don't belong in a bottle.

Made with...
Milena Hair
Daemon Outfit for Genesis 3 Female(s)
Ahmad for Genesis 3 Male
Lifted by llynara

As artists, we are all on a creative journey of some sort, often tightly intertwined with our journey through life. Sometimes we try to force our way through it, pushing ourselves endlessly towards some sort of perfection in the quest to become better at our craft. Often that obsession can suck the joy right out of the creative process, even to the point of hindering it.

Somehow, we have to give ourselves permission to be human and love the imp
erfections in our art as well as ourselves. Otherwise we risk loathing both, and burning out to the point where nothing is pleasurable.

Lately I'm taking a different approach, buried in the still, small voice of the art itself. It whispers, "Follow me. Let me take you somewhere new." And I find myself unsure of who is leading who - the artist or the art. 

I'm discovering more joy in going with the flow of a piece and learning to let go when it says it's done, rather than forcing it to be the exact replica of what I originally envisioned. That may sound crazy, but as a writer, I have story people talking to me all the time, telling me their secrets and even dictating when they live and die in my stories. Perhaps it's the subconscious, who knows. But I'm learning to trust it with art as I do with stories. I'm starting to move with it and see where it wants to go, like streams of water flowing into a bigger creative river and out to the sea beyond.

It's teaching me every day to let go of what I think I know, and just create. The picture in my head is only the starting point. The one on the canvas is the real journey.
 In the process, it lifts me into a higher place, and reminds why I fell in love with it to begin with.

It brings me a feeling of freedom.
Where anything is possible.
Where everything is possible.

And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing indeed.


llynara's Profile Picture
Kimberly Gordon
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I'm an IT professional, a published author, a veteran and a mother of five. I live in a 100 year old farmhouse in rural Illinois, where I enjoy coming up with outrageous stories and telling them to whoever will listen, including my chickens.

I come from a family of writers and have a background in theater and broadcasting. I have a lifelong passion for words. My favorite authors include my mother, Kathleen Kirkwood, followed closely by Oscar Wilde and William Shakespeare. I'm a big fan of God's many masterpieces, especially the Bible, lilacs, and the cacao bean.

I'm learning 3D art to do book covers, promos and web design for my sites. I write romantic comedies and have two series currently out. Black Kat is a dark romantic comedy series with superheroes. It's considered New Adult, and goes from urban fantasy to pure fantasy over the course of 12 books. Calpernica is a romantic comedy series spanning 50 years in a small rural town in the Midwest. It's more on the inspirational side and has 10 books total.

You can find the first books in each of these series on Amazon on my author page here:…
I'm also on Patreon:

I'm currenly working on the second books for both. I have plenty of projects to keep me busy, both on the art and writing side!


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